Thunder Over Evans

Armed Forces Day, May 21st 2016!

Evans Towne Center Park





[Thunder over Augusta Panoramic]

Event Info

Free Admission


Start 11:00 am
End 10:00 pm


7016 Evans Town Center Blvd
Evans, GA 30809


Thunder Over Evans is the CSRA’s public celebration of Armed Forces Day.  We consider it the perfect opportunity to bring together the public and the military for a fun filled day of events and a tribute to those who serve.

If you have questions about the event please contact us at info@thunderoveraugusta.com or call Columbia County Recreation & Events at 706-650-5005



2015 Attractions


Firework Show

You’ve got to experience it to believe it. Our huge firework display takes place at the mid-range height, which means you can actually feel our grand finale. CSRA’s largest show - 9:15pm

The Rewinders

This talent features acts who play the role of musicians performing high energy hits from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They are backed by a full band, director Jeff Reed & the SOA at 7:45pm

Lumberjack Show

Hailing from Wisconsin, the Timberworks 'Olympics of the Forest' will bring a log rolling pool, speed pole climbing, axe throwing, chopping, choker set relays and more.

Motocross Show

Team FMX is coming back once again. Come see the breathtaking stunts as these brave (seriously brave) bikers perform everything from the 'Rock Solid' to the 'Backflip'.

Boxing Exhibition

Don't miss the full size boxing ring in the park with multiple boxing exhibitions. This attraction is facilitated by our own Augusta Boxing Club. You can get ringside free of charge.

K-9 Working dogs

Columbia County brings out their working dogs to give us a display of how well these dogs are trained and what they are capable of. The demonstrations are safe and educational.

Skydive Drop-In

This is always a treat, because the multi-jumper team drops right into the middle of the park in front of the amphitheater. With smoke and flags they jump at 3:40pm

Kid Zone

We hate for our kids to stand in line to do fun free things. So this year we’re bringing three times the amount of bounce and there’s even an obstacle course for adults.

Aircraft Flyover

Helping us to kick off the day we have an “aircraft flyover” that really is an awesome flight display that redefines flyover. The planes are scheduled be over us at 1:20pm

Military Displays

With the full sport of Ft Gordon and military branches, we’ll have vehicles, demonstrations and exhibits that are a fine mix of public education and awesome entertainment.

Signal Corps Band

If you’d like to experience the moving, traditional sounds of a military band, our very own Ft. Gordon Signal Corps band will give us a 45 minute concert taking place at 4:00pm

General's Note

This salute to our military with Major General Stephen G. Fogarty giving us a welcome and public message regarding those who serve and the community where this event takes place.





2015 Schedule


11:00am Welcome Note
11:05am Columbia County Working Dogs Display (25min)
11:30am Team FMX Extreme Stunt Show (30min)
12:00pm Timberworks "Lumberjack Show" (30min)
12:35pm Boxing Exhibition (45min)
01:20pm Aircraft Flyover (5min)
01:25pm Columbia County Working Dogs Display (25min)
01:50pm Team FMX Extreme Stunt Show (30min)
02:20pm Timberworks "Lumberjack Show" (30min)
02:55pm Boxing Exhibition (45min)
03:40pm Skydive Drop-in (15min)
04:00pm Signal Corps Band Concert (45min)
04:45pm Posting of the Colors & General’s Note (30min)
05:15pm Team FMX Extreme Stunt Show (30min)
05:45pm Boxing Exhibition(45min)
06:30pm Timberworks "Lumberjack Show" (30min)
07:00pm Intermission
07:45pm Rewinders Concert (90min)
09:15pm Mega Fireworks DISPLAY (30min)
10:00pm Event Ends





2015 Major Partners


Gerald Jones, Windsor, AWP, T3, Columbia County, Janus